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User: furthered (posted by beachcomber)
Date: 2008-10-03 22:31
Subject: Academic exercises from real life experiences.
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Last night I had a bit of a run in with the police. I was parked down the beach, it was pouring down, pitch dark and my friend (colleague who for the sake of anonymity we'll call Student Sharer) were sitting there having a chat as it's a half way meeting point between our houses.

Student Sharer is the head of Sociology and RS.
I'm the head of Law and Psychology.

The police knock the driver's side window, I roll the window down, and the police ask what we're doing (not that it's any of their business; we're talking) They're concerned because the car is steamed up (we're also breathing. Last I checked, not a crime!). We assured them we were just talking, but my friend has never had a run in with the police before and she's a little shaken up, I'm annoyed by their intrusion, but this isn't the first time I've had dealt with the police and I wasn't concerned.

Took it back to class today and presented the facts only to my lawyers. They asked relevant questions, they explored the case law surrounding reasonable suspicion and we discussed it like academics. They backed up their statements with statutory authority, and their questions were based on case law. I was so proud!
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